Lime has played a decisive role in many building and restoration processes.

It is the main material in the manufacturing of renders, paints and mouldings that protect and beautify the most important ancient buildings and many modern ones too.

The lime plaster slow hardening process (carbonation) along with the pliability of the mortars made with it and the absence of cracking, allows for an extensive range of finishes larger than with any other construction material.


Advantages of Lime plasters

— Hard and durable
— Breathable and light
— Resistant to building movements and cracking
— Natural bactericide and mould killer
— Natural colours
— Carbon neutral
— Beauty

Traditional Lime Plasters

Fine restoration lime plasters for interiors

— Smooth, and matt coloured finishes suitable for restoration projects.

— Made with lime putty, limestone aggregates and natural pigments that will not fade away with time.
— This ingredients are mixed following our traditional master formulae, and applied by traditional methods giving always optimum results.
— The range of decorative possibilities are extensive, such us frescoes stencilling or sgrafittos.
— Suitable for hard wall or wooden lath substrates.

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